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Malaria/Infectious Diseases Symposium

by Angeline

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A Malaria/Infectious Diseases Stakeholder’s Symposium was held at the HopeXchange Medical Center in the middle of August.  It was Co-Chaired by Dr. Michael Cappello – Professor of Pediatrics, Microbial Pathogenesis and Public Health  at Yale University and Chair of Council on African Studies and Dr. Francesco Castelli – Professor of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine…

HopeXchange Medical personnel on a Rural Medical Outreach

by Angeline

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During the Malaria/Infectious Diseases Symposium held at HopeXchange in  mid-August, the Co- Chairs of the Symposium and some of the experts were introduced to the Rural Medical Outreach that the staff of HopeXchange Medical Center carry out in various outstations. During these outreaches in the remote parts of Ghana, clinical care is taken to people…

A US$2,000,000 grant from the people of Italy

by niumalta

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Rome, Italy. The Italian Development Fund, through the Catholic Conference of Bishops (C.E.I.), has awarded two Million US Dollars to the HopeXchange Medical Center in Kumasi, Ghana. These funds would augment the diagnostic and surgical capabilities of the Center making it the first such medical center in sub-Saharan Africa for specialized clinical care, Translational Research…

The Ghana Mission Foundation donates 500,000 US Dollars

by niumalta

Ghana Mission Foundation

The Ghana Mission Foundation of Malta donated 500,000 US Dollars to the HopeXchange Medical Center in Ghana. This generous donation is another sign of the continuous support that the people of Malta have been extending to this humanitarian initiative since its inception. Every year the Ghana Mission Foundation raises significant amounts of funds to sustain…

Water and Solar Energy Projects

by Omar Tanti


Through a multi borehole system deep drinking water was made available to the HopeXchange Medical Center. In Ghana, the lack of clean drinking water and adequate sanitation systems constitutes a severe public health concern, with waterborne contaminants accounting for more than 50% of all diseases in the country. Water borne disease, sanitation and energy are…

President Atta Mills of Ghana praises HopeXchange Medical Center as a shining example of International collaboration

by niumalta


HopeXchange delegation met the President John Atta Mills and the Minister of Health Dr. Benjamin Kunbuor at the castle. President Atta Mills praised the HopeXchange Medical Center, as a unique collaborative effort of top-ranking local and international experts and institutions that will work together to address major health needs in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa. The…

BIO-GAS System Project

by Omar Tanti

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A BIO-GAS system, a means to eliminate organic waste and produces bio-gass fuel has been installed at the HopeXchange Medical Center. This system reduces the dependence from expensive and polluting energy sources Bio-gas is a byproduct of the decomposition of organic matter by anaerobic bacteria. Organic waste is put into a sealed underground container called…

Meeting with the Former President John Kufuor and the King of Ashanti (Asantehene)

by Omar Tanti


During their recent visit to Ghana, Mario Cappello and Prof. Riccardo Masetti had two private meetings with the Former President of Ghana John Kufuor and the King of the Ashanti region, Asantehene Osei Tutu II, respectively. During both of these meetings, Mr. Cappello and Prof. Masetti had the opportunity to share extensively about the progress…