Medical Education

Continuing Medical Education constitutes one of the core components of the HopeXchange Medical Centers. Through its international collaborative relationships, HopeXchange continues to sponsor innovative medical education. By leveraging this robust network representing local, US, and International expertise, HopeXchange conducts Continuing Medical Education (CME) to build the capacity of physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals particularly to teach about women’s cancers and raise awareness of early detection and treatment options at the Women’s Cancer Center.

Along with these Continuing Medical Education (CME) initiatives, HopeXchange is in the process of establishing telemedicine initiatives linking clinicians and researchers from Ghana and Guatemala to its vibrant network of collaborators from the USA and Europe. Using state of the art web-based technologies, a robust schedule of research seminars, clinical case conferences, and didactic lectures will be available to students, physicians, nurses, researchers, and administrative staff affiliated with the HopeXchange Medical Centers.