May 15, 2015

Water and Solar Energy Projects

Through a multi borehole system deep drinking water was made available to the HopeXchange Medical Center.

In Ghana, the lack of clean drinking water and adequate sanitation systems constitutes a severe public health concern, with waterborne contaminants accounting for more than 50% of all diseases in the country.

Water borne disease, sanitation and energy are designated focal areas for the HopeXchange Medical Center.


Solar Energy Project

Thanks to the partnership with the people and the Government of Malta the First Phase of the renewable energy project at HopeXchange Medical Center is now completed. This system provides hot water to the different wards in the Medical Center.

Furthermore the facility has now in place a traditional supply of energy that is needed by the hospital. It included the construction of a 2km overhead line and the installation of an 11kv/200kv distribution transformer.