April 28, 2020

Tribute to a hero!
Dr. GIANLUCA GIULIETTI, a generous optometrist and a friend of Africa succumbed to COVID-19 in Bologna, Italy.

Despite his successful professional career and his extended chain of optician outlets Giuletti & Guerra, Gianluca was a humble and caring person.  He felt indebted to how privileged he was, and dedicated time to serve the poor in Africa. His next trip to this continent was scheduled for March but the Pandemic not only cancelled this mission but also took away Gianluca at the age of 53. HopeXchange extends sincere condolences to his family, colleagues at AMOA, and friends.
Thank you, Gianluca! With the first ray of light of every sunrise, many in Africa will be ever grateful for helping them appreciate the beauty of life. May God grant you eternal rest.