May 14, 2015

President Atta Mills of Ghana praises HopeXchange Medical Center as a shining example of International collaboration

HopeXchange delegation met the President John Atta Mills and the Minister of Health Dr. Benjamin Kunbuor at the castle. President Atta Mills praised the HopeXchange Medical Center, as a unique collaborative effort of top-ranking local and international experts and institutions that will work together to address major health needs in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The President commended the HopeXchange Medical Center, the recently built diagnostic and treatment facility in Kumasi, which will have a special focus on infectious disease, malaria, breast cancer, facial malformation and ophthalmology.

President John Atta Mills expressed his appreciation for HopeXchange efforts to improve healthcare capacities and expand the training opportunities and availability of specialized medical services in Ghana and West Africa. President Atta Mills cited the HopeXchange Medical Center as a shining example of the international community working hand in hand with local organizations to improve healthcare for the people of Ghana and the region.