May 2, 2015

Exxonmobil donates US$1,000,000 towards a leading edge malaria diagnostic laboratory at the HopeXchange Medical Center

As part of its continued effort to combat the devastating impact of malaria on populations in sub-Saharan Africa, the ExxonMobil Foundation donated 1 Million US Dollars to establish a malaria diagnostic laboratory for the HopeXchange Medical Center at its health facility in Kumasi, Ghana.

ExxonMobil’s contribution will provide HopeXchange, an institution dedicated to malaria prevention and treatment, with resources to improve malaria diagnosis. The center will also serve as a site for clinical trials of anti-malarial drugs using internationally recognized best clinical practices.

“Improved malaria diagnosis is critical to decreasing mortality rates of this preventable disease,” said Suzanne McCarron, president of the ExxonMobil Foundation. “We are committed to fighting malaria, and with our support, the Center’s new diagnostic laboratory will make life-saving treatments more accessible and readily available.”
“ExxonMobil has been a leader in the fight against malaria,” said Mario Cappello, president and CEO of HopeXchange. “Its contribution is a powerful example of a partnership that connects not only resources, but also valuable business expertise in the global fight.”