August 25, 2016

HopeXchange Medical personnel on a Rural Medical Outreach

During the Malaria/Infectious Diseases Symposium held at HopeXchange in  mid-August, the Co- Chairs of the Symposium and some of the experts were introduced to the Rural Medical Outreach that the staff of HopeXchange Medical Center carry out in various outstations. During these outreaches in the remote parts of Ghana, clinical care is taken to people who would otherwise find it difficult to access other forms of effective healthcare. As some of the primary foci of HopeXchange are malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, these medical outreaches offer a good opportunity to generate a detailed map and health needs assessment of the various communities.  This map will be used to generate hypotheses and ideas for community-based research, as well as provide valuable information about the demographics and major health priorities for the patients who are being served by HopeXchange.