There are approximately 300 million cases of malaria each year, with nearly 1 million deaths occurring mostly in children living in sub-Saharan Africa. The impact of malaria on maternal-child health cannot be overestimated. In Ghana and several sub-Saharan countries, malaria is the leading cause of morbidity, accounting for up to 37.5% of all outpatient visits annually. It is also the leading cause of mortality in children under five years, a significant cause of adult morbidity, and the leading cause of lost income due to illness.  Effective control or elimination of malaria would have a significant and lasting beneficial effect on the quality of life and economic outlook for sub-Saharan Africa.

Thanks to a high standard laboratory capacity, existing collaborative relationships with international partners and local stakeholders, the HopeXchange Medical Center is becoming a premiere hub for malaria research in sub-Saharan Africa.