By 2020 it is estimated that cardiovascular diseases will become the leading cause of the global health burden, accounting to 73% of the total global mortality and 56% of the total morbidity.

Africa has not been spared from the global tide of cardiovascular diseases. In most African countries cardiovascular disease is now the second most common cause of death after infectious disease. In sub-Saharan Africa it is the leading cause of death in adults over the age of 30. In Ghana, for example, where cerebral haemorrhage is a leading cause of death, the average age at which people die from this cause is 55 years.

Children with heart disease in Africa have little or no access to treatment of any kind, and cardiac surgical services are virtually absent outside a handful of centres in only few countries in all Africa.

HopeXchange offers a facility that together with its international partners can treat some of the most common congenital heart diseases in children. Hence, HopeXchange will be saving lives, permit school attendance, prevent further health deterioration and avoid rehospitalisation of children.